Assignment 1

You must provide forecasts for the following items:

  1. Google closing stock price on 20 March 2024 [Data].
  2. Maximum temperature at Melbourne airport on 10 April 2024 [Data].
  3. The difference in points (Collingwood minus Essendon) scored in the AFL match between Collingwood and Essendon for the Anzac Day clash. 25 April 2024 [Data].
  4. The seasonally adjusted estimate of total employment for April 2024. ABS CAT 6202, to be released around mid May 2024 [Data].
  5. Google closing stock price on 22 May 2024 [Data].

For each of these, give a point forecast and an 80% prediction interval, and explain in a couple of sentences how each was obtained.

Due: 8 March 2024