Week 2: Time series graphics

What you will learn this week

  • Different types of plots for time series including time plots, season plots, subseries plots, lag plots and ACF plots
  • The difference between seasonal patterns and cyclic patterns in time series
  • What is “white noise” and how to identify it.

Pre-class activities

Read Chapter 2 of the textbook and watch all embedded videos

Exercises (on your own or in tutorial)

Complete Exercises 1-5 from Section 2.10 of the book.

Solutions to Exercises

Check your understanding quiz

Slides for seminar

Download pdf

Seminar activities

  1. We have introduced various functions for time series graphics include autoplot(), gg_season(), gg_subseries(), gg_lag() and ACF. Use these functions to explore the quarterly tourism data for the Snowy Mountains.

    snowy <- tourism |> filter(Region == "Snowy Mountains")

    What do you learn?

  2. Which time plot corresponds to which ACF plot?